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Recovering From Lack Of Oxygen Birth Injuries

Considering how vulnerable newborn children are, it should go without saying that they should never be deprived of oxygen at any time. While some circumstances are out of your doctor’s hands, there are others that they are directly responsible for, and if your child suffered from a lack of oxygen in these situations, they need to be accountable for the consequences.

Frank Morrissey is a Chicago medical malpractice attorney who fights tirelessly to hold liable parties accountable in birth injury claims. He knows what is at stake in these cases and what fair compensation should look like, and he uses his extensive experience to guide his clients to the outcomes they deserve.

What You Should Know About These Injuries

While it is estimated that a newborn can go roughly 10 minutes without oxygen and not experience any brain damage, any time after that can have lifelong consequences. These incidents can result in serious birth injuries like mental retardation, cerebral hypoxia, behavioral issues, low vision, hearing loss and death. Common causes of these injuries include:

  • Delayed deliveries
  • Low oxygen levels in the mother’s blood
  • In utero trauma

One hazardous situation is umbilical cord complications, like umbilical cord compression injuries. Compression injuries occur when the umbilical cord sufferers compression, which can deny the child oxygen. This deprivation can result in lifelong injuries.

Leave Your Claim In Experienced Hands

Caring for a child with a lifetime of injury complications means that you should have a settlement that can cover the costs of caring for and adapting to those injuries. Attorney Morrissey is a lawyer who is committed to winning for his clients and is prepared to work harder than any Illinois defense attorney in these claims.

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