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Can You Sue A Doctor For Misdiagnosis Of Cancer?

Last updated on June 21, 2024

Your primary care physician or a specialist said that your lab tests were not concerning and your symptoms were due to something else. Weeks or months later, your condition worsened and you got the devastating news from oncology that you have cancer. More than likely, you have the right to file a misdiagnosis lawsuit. When their mistake delays your cancer treatment, you may have to endure far more extensive procedures than you would have otherwise – or even lose your last clear shot to overcome the disease.

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How Long Do You Have To Sue A Doctor For A Misdiagnosis Of Cancer In Illinois?

A lawsuit for misdiagnosis of cancer generally has the same time restrictions as other medical malpractice claims. In most cases, the deadline for a misdiagnosis claim is two years from the date you either discovered or should have discovered the cancer misdiagnosis. In many cases, that’s the date that you received the bad news from oncology.

Health care law, particularly when it comes to legal issues surrounding cancer misdiagnosis or other health care negligence, can be very complex. Attorney Frank Morrissey can help you understand your patient rights and what it takes to successfully sue for misdiagnosis, as well as the time limits involved. It is far wiser to seek early legal representation once you understand what has happened than to delay.

Get Help After Medical Errors Caused A Cancer Misdiagnosis

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