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Building A Stroke Error Claim

Strokes are extremely devastating to a person if they are not treated in time. When a medical professional fails to diagnose a stroke, a patient’s condition can escalate to an untreatable state. The stroke victim may have to learn to live with permanent consequences that could have been avoided.

Attorney Frank Morrissey is proud to stand up for his clients throughout the Chicagoland area and is committed to helping them throughout their medical malpractice claims. He takes the time to work with his clients to understand their unique needs before developing a personalized strategy to defend their best interests.

What Can You Mistake A Stroke For?

Despite how dangerous strokes are, it is too common for medical professionals to mistake the illness for another medical condition. Some illnesses that they may mistake a stroke for include seizures, brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, sepsis, irregular blood sugar levels or migraines.

Additionally, a misdiagnosis can come from improper or delayed testing, misreading testing results, or faulty testing equipment. As your legal representation, Mr. Morrissey will review the details of your claim to gather the necessary information to hold the liable party accountable for their misdiagnosis. His guidance can be the winning advantage you need when you are filing a claim in Illinois.

Leave Your Claim To A Skilled Attorney

Instead of trusting what hospital staff or their insurance and legal teams may say about your eligibility to file a claim against them, let a lawyer who is on your side review your situation.

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