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Legal Representation For Gallbladder Surgery Errors In Illinois

Gallbladder surgery is presented as something routine – but complications related to medical mistakes can leave patients in significant distress.

When surgeries go wrong, you need a fierce advocate on your side. At Morrissey Legal Group, LLC, attorney Frank Morrissey has years of experience with medical malpractice claims in and around Chicago. When you have been injured by a medical provider’s lapses, you need a lawyer who understands how to take a strategic approach to your claim.

The Impact Of Gallbladder Surgery Errors On Patients

There is no such thing as a minor surgery, especially when something goes wrong. Common errors related to gallbladder surgery include:

  • Anesthesia errors: Incorrect dosages, failures to obtain a patient’s prior medical history and failures to monitor a patient closely during a procedure can cause devastating outcomes.
  • Bile duct injury: A nick of the surgeon’s knife can lead to bile leakage, infection and the need for additional corrective procedures and extended hospital stays.
  • Organ perforation: A lapse in a surgeon’s attention can lead to damage to the surrounding organs, including the liver and intestines, causing bleeding and prolonged recovery times.
  • Retained stones: Failure to remove all the gallstones can cause unexpected complications, including recurrent pain, inflammation or blockages.
  • Infection: Surgical site infections can occur due to improper sterilization techniques or poor post-operative care and can even lead to life-threatening sepsis.

The physical complications from a botched gallbladder surgery may prolong your recovery and diminish your overall quality of life. You may need additional procedures, readmission to the hospital, new imaging studies and consultations with specialists – all of which are costly. You may also suffer from lost wages due to your extended recovery time, as well as extensive pain and suffering. Fair compensation is your right.

Get An Experienced Chicago Lawyer On Your Side

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