Relentless Representation For Challenging Medical Malpractice Claims

Help For Children Who Suffered From Malpractice

When you bring your child to a hospital for the essential medical attention they need, it is devastating to learn that your child suffered from an avoidable incident at the hands of a medical professional. If your child has suffered from medical malpractice, you deserve skilled legal representation to hold the liable party accountable.

The legal representation you can find at Morrissey Legal Group, LLC, has decades of experience helping victims of medical malpractice throughout the Chicagoland area. Attorney Frank Morrissey is committed to helping his clients earn the outcome they deserve in their pediatric malpractice claims.

Forms Of Medical Malpractice

For anyone to have a valid malpractice claim on their hands, they need to be able to prove four key elements: a duty of care owed to a patient, a violation of that duty, how that violation harmed the patient and the resulting damages from that harm. With these elements present, attorney Morrissey can help you seek justice against malpractice incidents, such as:

  • Diagnosis errors, including misdiagnosis issues and delayed diagnosis
  • Medication errors, like giving a patient the wrong medication, wrong dosage or not giving them the medication they need at all
  • Surgical errors, such as performing the wrong surgery, operating on the wrong body part, leaving medical instruments in the patient and damage to surrounding organs
  • Failing to secure informed consent, often by not fully explaining the details and risks of various medical and surgical procedures

No matter how your child was hurt, if you believe it was a result of pediatric malpractice, let a skilled attorney review your malpractice situation and help you weigh your options.

Get The Representation Your Child Needs

After any malpractice incident, hospitals and doctors may act quickly to convince you not to file a claim or to accept a lowball settlement offer. Do not make any major decisions about what happened to your child without first consulting with a malpractice lawyer you can depend on. Call Morrissey Legal Group, LLC, at 312-815-5856 or reach out online to schedule your initial consultation with Mr. Morrissey today.