Relentless Representation For Challenging Medical Malpractice Claims

Seeking Swift Compensation Through Multidistrict Litigation

Some forms of malpractice or medical injury can happen to many people in different areas. Instead of each of these victims filing their own claim for compensation, they can consolidate their lawsuits through the legal procedure of multidistrict litigation (MDL). Similar to a class-action lawsuit, MDLs streamline the litigation process and save the plaintiffs time and resources in their pursuit of the outcome they deserve after their malpractice injuries.

At Morrissey Legal Group, LLC, you can find the legal guidance you need through an MDL. Attorney Frank Morrissey has served clients throughout the Chicagoland area through complex MDLs, including those related to hip implants and breast implants.

Hip Cup Implant Failures

While a replacement hip is supposed to resource your mobility, some implants can cause more harm than good. Mr. Morrissey has played an instrumental role in the MDLs for Zimmer Durom Hip Cup failures and Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy Hip Implants, resulting in billions of dollars in settlements. Some medical errors that could qualify for an MDL include metal poisoning, dislocation or migration, component breakage, and premature failure.

Breast Implant Errors

Breast implants are also vulnerable to a number of harmful errors, including the Allergan Breast Implants that Mr. Morrissey worked on for causing cancer. Other errors include ruptured implants, allergic reactions, deflated implants, capsular contracture and anaplastic large-cell lymphoma.

Guidance Through Your MDL

Instead of trying to navigate your way through an MDL on your own, let Mr. Morrissey take care of the legal needs in your claim. He has the legal understanding you need to help you navigate this complex process in Illinois or elsewhere across the country. He leverages this insight when gathering documents and information, filing paperwork, engaging in pretrial proceedings, and working with other MDL lawyers to resolve your claim with as little time and complication as possible.

If you are ready to learn more about how he can help you through your MDL needs, call 312-815-5856 or email him here to schedule your initial consultation today.