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When we feel sick and go to a doctor or hospital for help, we are putting our health and future in their hands. This is why it is so important for medical professionals to properly diagnose your illness and begin treating it as soon as possible. Any unnecessary delay in diagnosis can result in pain, distress and even death. If the reckless or negligent actions of a medical professional caused you or a loved one to suffer this way, you need legal guidance to hold them accountable.

Attorney Frank Morrissey has been serving the Chicagoland area, helping clients navigate their medical malpractice claims for years. He knows the importance of maximizing the quality of the outcome in these claims. Filing a malpractice claim is about showing medical professionals that their consequences have actions and earning the resources you need to recover from those actions.

What Causes Diagnosis Failures

Many people are involved with your diagnosis process, including the doctor, nurses and lab technicians, and any of them can play a hand in your failing to get the diagnosis you need. Common mistakes that can lead to a lack of a diagnosis include:

  • Not collecting a complete medical history
  • Not properly communicating with colleagues or the patient
  • Lack of education
  • Testing errors
  • Biases

As your legal representation, Mr. Morrissey will review the details of your claim to ensure he has all the information needed to hold the liable party accountable. Whether he needs to resolve your claim through negotiation or litigation, he will work harder than any defense attorney to pursue the outcome you deserve in your claim.

Failing To Diagnose Heart Illnesses

One deadly form of failing to diagnose a patient is when they are suffering from infections of the heart endocarditis. These cases can quickly become debilitating or fatal in a short amount of time and become just as complicated just as fast. In order to understand what happened in these cases, you need a coarct aorta lawyer like Mr. Morrissey to review your case and determine if anyone is liable for your injuries.

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