Relentless Representation For Challenging Medical Malpractice Claims

Holding Nursing Professionals Accountable For Mistakes

Nurses are a critical part of the health care system, and most nursing professionals provide exceptional care. However, a moment of negligence can have severe, lifelong consequences for a patient.

Attorney Frank Morrissey has successfully represented victims of medical malpractice in the Chicago area for over 30 years. At the Morrissey Legal Group, LLC, you will find representation that you can rely on during these difficult times – representation from a lawyer who will be unafraid to aggressively pursue fair compensation for your injuries even against big-name hospitals and facilities.

What Is Nursing Malpractice?

Nurses are responsible for implementing the care plans established by physicians and ensuring patient safety. They are the patient’s direct line to the rest of their care team, and they play a crucial role in monitoring changes in a patient’s condition and communicating them to others.

Attorney Morrissey has extensive experience with:

  • Medication errors: Incorrect dosage and administration as well as prescription errors can have serious consequences. Attorney Morrissey has a proven track record of holding responsible parties accountable.
  • Failure to monitor: Negligence in monitoring vital signs and patient conditions and failure to respond to alarms can lead to delayed interventions and adverse outcomes.
  • Inadequate training: When nurses lack proper training or fail to adhere to established protocols, patients can suffer unnecessary harm.
  • Patient falls: Inadequate supervision, failure to implement fall prevention measures and neglect in responding to patient assistance requests can result in serious injuries.
  • Miscommunication and documentation errors: Poor communication among health care providers or inaccurate documentation can compromise patient safety.

Every medical malpractice claim, no matter who it involves, is unique. Attorney Morrissey understands what it takes to carefully investigate a malpractice incident and develop an informed approach that is tailored to your goals.

Let Attorney Morrissey Help You With Your Nursing Malpractice Claim

Do not let an insurance company pressure you into a paltry settlement for a life-altering injury. Put your faith in a lawyer who cares about your future.

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